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I handcraft luxurious Castile Soaps in small batches.

Simplicity, purity, quality and understated beauty are essential to my products:

The less ingredients, the better; no preservatives, parabens, SLS, SLES, unnatural colours, palm oil; non-toxic and gentle on the environment; scents are mild, not overpowering nor overwhelming; quality essential oils are chosen over fragrance oils when economical; Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly options.

Mama in the Kitchen is a small, family owned and operated licensed manufacturer and retailer of soaps in South Carolina.

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Shop Now big for Castile Soaps: 100% Olive Oil

Shop Now big for Bastille Soaps: high content Olive Oil with either Coconut Oil and/or Castor Oil

Shop Now big for Aleppo Soaps: high content Olive Oil with Laurel Berry Oil

Shop Now bigfor Animal Fat Soaps: Bacon Grease and Lard make moisturizing soaps

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