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Restaurants/Health Food Stores


Boston, M.A.

Red Lentil – a perfect Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant to bring omnivore family and friends! Kids love the brunch here. They “strive to meet the needs of special diets, offering gluten-free, raw, and macrobiotic selections.”

Columbia, S.C.

14 Carrot Health Food Store – the best raw food selection you can find even in comparison to any Whole Foods!  Produce is 30% off on Thursdays and Sundays 1pm – 5pm.

Camon Japanese Restaurant – our fave Japanese restaurant.  The House Salad is deliciously crispy and tasty.  We love the Spicy Asparagus Sushi and we order Avocado Sushi without the mayo (not on the menu).

Good Life Cafe – for raw vegan food and fresh juices.  I find the food very heavy, but my son has never had an allergy problem with Sharon’s food.

Lamb’s Bread – for cooked vegan food.  Delicious tastes! My hubby and son’s fave Vegan restaurant!  I don’t think they have gluten-free selections and their raw selection is meager, however.

New York, N.Y.

Hangawi Restaurant – we love this Vegan Korean restaurant with an Organic and Gluten Menu.  We always return to eat their yummy food.

Pure Food and Wine – I fell in love with their Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream the minute a spoonful entered my mouth!  This is where I like to go on my birthday if we are in town.

(we were disappointed with Candle 79’s food and my son had a vomiting spell at Quintessence)

San Francisco, C.A.

Ananda Fuara – our favourite Vegetarian restaurant in the area!  It looked very shabby from the outside, but what a calm and uplifting place inside!  Seriously, I felt like I had already practiced yoga just by being in the restaurant and interacting with their very peaceful and kind servers.  In fact, we wish there was one just like this where we live!  Our recommendations: fresh carrot juice, Enchanted Salad, Dal Soup… and for those die-hard cooked Vegans out there, their Super Burrito, Vegan Burger and their award-winning Chocolate Cake are delicious.

Herbivore Grill – a distant second in the area in the quality of food, but probably more upscale in atmosphere as compared to Ananda Fuara.  Where Ananda Fuara is eastern in their taste buds, Herbivore Grill is western in flavor.

(we were disappointed with Cafe Gratitude – my son had a vomiting spell here)

Washington, D.C.

Java Green or Cafe Green – you bet we will be here when we are in D.C. I love the Raw Pizza, my hubby loves the Kelp Jobche and my son loves the soups.  We love their fresh green juices too!  My son has never had an allergy problem here either.


The Philippines

Corner Street Cafe – my family loved this restaurant.  A few Raw Vegan items available here, but largely a cooked Vegan restaurant.  The tastes were all delicious.

Juju Cleanse – owned by my an old friend of mine, her father also built and had the vision for The Farm (below)

The Farm at San Benito – if you have time to drive out there, the food is WORTH it!  Gourmet Healthy Raw Vegan fare… and my son didn’t get allergies… Perfect!

Kitchen Revolution – my cousin also happens to be a Vegan Chef and Teacher.  Her food is awesome.  By the way, she also trained at Pure Food and Wine in NYC, so ask her for some yummy RAW foods.


Neal’s Yard Salad Bar – visit for the fun ambience.  Food is only fare… but at least you’ve got the Vegan and Gluten-free option when you are in the area.

Food for Thought – the yummiest cooked Vegan food where even non-Veg eaters will be deliciously satisfied! No raw vegan items though.

SAF – this is the place I go to for Raw Vegan fare.  My son has never vomitted here either.


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