Soaps and Lotions


All my soaps are created with the Room Temperature Method. Similar to Cold Process, but so much easier and quicker!

Amber Crystal Soap – basic soap

Artisanal Espress Soap Cups – Bastille Soap with 75% olive oil

Castile Soap Coconut Milk Shampoo

Chocolate Mint Brownie Soap – Basic and Low Cost Soap with olive oil, coconut oil, and lard (more sustainable than palm, click on link for more information)

Cinnamon Toast Soap – Castile soap with 100% olive oil

Creamy Coconut Milk Lemongrass Shampoo Bar – cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castile Soap – with olive leaf powder

Gentle, Unscented Star Wars Bastille Soaps for Kids

Hot Chocolate topped with Whipped Cream and a Piece of Chocolate Soap – Castille Soap with 100% olive oil

How to Make Liquid Soap from Homemade Bar Soap

Lemon and Charcoal Bastille Soaps – oriental and masculine

Mimosa Soap – Champagne and Orange Juice anyone?

Oatmeal and Honey Cookie – Bastille Soap with 85% olive oil

Pure Olive Oil Soap – unscented, gentle enough for baby, 100% olive oil

Rose Bastille Soap – with an option of a Gothic Rose Soap

Sensual Sandalwood Soap – 65% olive oil

Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge – Castile Soap with 100% olive oil

Ylang Ylang Castile Soap


DIY Raw Vegan Anti-Aging Face Mask and Moisturizer

Homemade Hand Moisturizer

Moisturize with Raw Chocolate Cream!

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