1. Start the day with fruit and end the day with vegetables.

2. What can be done with fruit? Fruit salad, puddings, ‘cereals’ by grating or chopping into small pieces, breakfast sandwiches, and so on.

3. It is best to eat fruit alone, but if you must have a heavier breakfast, there are many foods you could add:

a. Nut butters or tahini

b. Nuts

c. Dried fruit

d. Nuts and dried fruit, such as Trail Mix (recipe under Snacks section) or Date and Nut Mix (recipe under Breakfast section) to make a ‘cereal’ or granola with chopped fruit.

e. Dehydrated buckwheat is another choice to bulk up any fruit salad or pudding dish.

Apple Almond Yogurt

Blueberry Breakfast Bar

Blueberry Peach Crisp – granola and fruit type breakfast

Cream of Buckwheat

Crispy Breakfast Cereal

Green Valentine’s Day Sundae (an extravagant breakfast pudding or a real treat for dessert) – another variation here

Raw Breakfast Granola

Spicy Apple and Banana

Thai Sweet Sticky Chia with Mango

Transitioning into Raw Breakfast – includes Breakfast Papaya Pudding, Mango Pudding and “Raw Muesli”

Where’s My Raw Oatmeal?

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