Mama in the Kitchen Serum

Mama in the Kitchen Serum 5

I am now selling samples of my Mama in the Kitchen Serum.

Unscented. Pure Animal Fats ONLY. No added ingredients. No hormones. No antibiotics. For face and body. A little goes a very long way. Only requires a very small amount for your whole face. One little dot of serum per cheek, forehead, nose, and chin and spread out thinly. It is easily absorbed by the skin and will not be greasy. I swear by it and so do my tribe of testers (see below). I also have friends who have treated their children’s rashes and eczema with this serum.

Mama in the Kitchen Serum 1

Around $1.25/4g sample.

I keep a small inventory of this so please contact me if you would like to purchase some. If you want to join my Mama in the Kitchen Soap/Serum GROUP PAGE, here is the link:

Mama in the Kitchen Serum 3

My tribe of testers have also had the same results. Some of their comments:

Ok, I have to say, I love it! It takes so little, I added a drop or 2 of lavender essential oil but honestly prob didn’t need to. Pores really did look smaller, especially around my cheeks and nose. The dog did sniff me a bunch! Lol!

You are not crazy! When I researched it some last night I quickly realized that it’s been used by women for decades and that animal fat of some kind is still routinely used in cosmetics today. With your way though we can get the benefit of the animal fat without all the byproducts and preservatives. I’m totally on board!

My skin is happy in winter again.

I love this stuff! I’ve never used lotion because I hate the greasy feeling, but this is great!

I lather this on at night. This is the best thing!

I used it on my son’s diaper rash and it was so much better the next day.

I used it on my son’s eczema and his face was so smooth the day after.

I love it under my eyes especially. Feels great!

This is so good, I am buying 10 to give away to all my friends!

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