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More Than An Apple A Day

28 Feb
Raw Applesauce
I hardly used to buy packaged applesauce unless I used it as a butter substitute in baking because nobody here would really eat it.  And, I have tried to limit any processed foods at home.  So when I read a recipe for raw applesauce, I just turned the page of the recipe book.   But last week, we had just too many apples leftover and I didn’t want them to go to waste.  I made RAW applesauce for myself, but served my son and husband some.  Well, they loved it!  Best of all, their bowls came back to me empty.  They have both asked to have some more since.  I am glad because I know I’m giving them more than a day’s worth of apples to keep the doctor away!
This recipe is adapted from Living On Live Food:
4 apples, seeded and chopped (no need to peel – love this part because I’m not wasting time or fruit)
2 tablespoons raw honey
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
just enough water to enable you to puree well
Place all in a  food processor (I use our Vita-mix) and process till smooth.  YUM!!!