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Everyone wanted a different flavored Sun Tea so…

12 Apr

Our different flavored Sun Teas

Our recent fave plain sun tea is peppermint tea.  No sweetener added, it makes a cool and tingly flavored water for a hot day.  2-3 teaspoons of loose leaf peppermint in 1 quart of water and simply leave it out in the sun for a day.  Easy peasy for busy Mamas!

Sweet Oat Scones

1 May

Sweet Oat Scones

One thing many people miss when transitioning into a more raw foods diet is bread. While there are lot of raw crackers, flat breads and veggie chips, ‘white’ breads are more difficult to replicate raw. Without the use of yeast or baking soda, raw foods simply don’t have this light and airy quality. Instead, raw breads are dense, filling and nutritious: satisfying us instead of leading us to crave more and more.

This raw sweet nut-free bread recipe is simply delicious. It reminds me of thick sweet Portugese bread or a sweet bagel. It will satisfy if you crave those heavy breads. Very versatile, you can use this batter to make Blonde Brownies, Vanilla Cupcakes, Oat Muffins, or as above, Sweet Scones. You don’t need to dehydrate these, which makes it ready in 5-10 minutes if you have all the ingredients ready!

The Sweet Bread

Like my Mama Won’t Mind If You Have Another Of That Chocolate Cake, this batter consists mainly of dates and oats.

The day before you make the cake, prepare the oat flour: 1. Soak oat groats overnight. 2. Drain and rinse. 3. Dehydrate until thoroughly dry by placing on 2 mesh screens on trays so the groats don’t easily fall out. I place the dehydrator on full for 1 hour then decrease the temperature to 105F. This takes about half a day. 4. Process 2 cups of dehydrated oat groats in a high speed blender, such as aVitamix, to make a fine flour. EASY ALTERNATIVE: grind rolled oat flakes into flour.

The Batter

Place in a food processor and mix together:

1/4 tsp sea salt

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups dates, pitted

Add in and process together:

2 cups oat groats that have been processed into fine oat flour as above (ALTERNATIVE: you can use rolled oat flakes that have been ground into a fine powder)

Add slowly to the powdery mixture until you have a batter that sticks together:

2 tbspns raw local honey

Mix in:

your choice of additions, like raisins or currants or cacao nibs

Form into your choice of shapes. For the scones, I used silicone mini-cupcake molds. You can place in a square pan and cut them into squares too. Just remember to grease your molds with oil first to ease removal.

A Raw Afternoon Tea


(I was inspired to make these after reading Ani Phyo’s Ani’s Raw Food Essentials!)

Salted Butter

I love this alone with the Sweet Oat Scones because of the play of tastes between salty and sweet.

Mix together in food processor or by hand:

1 – 1 1/2 tsp unpasteurized white miso

1/4 cup coconut butter

Strawberry Jam

My boys prefer this alone with the scones.

Mix together in food processor or blender:

1/4 – 1/3 cup dates, pitted, to taste

1 cup strawberries

Enjoy your Afternoon Tea with some Sun Tea too!

How Food can Protect our Families from Radiation Exposure

29 Mar


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I have worried about my friends who live in Japan.  Yet at the same time, in the midst of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, I am inspired and awed by the great peace, power of community and strength of the Japanese people.

Today, trace levels of radiation from the explosion at Fukushima are now in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Nevada and other Western states. Despite the low levels found, the risk of radiation exposure hits home. Although we are exposed to significant amounts of radiation already in our daily lives (cell phone towers, microwaves, X-rays, CT scans, yes even cigarette smoking), the low levels of radioactive material leaking out from a nuclear plant on the other side of the earth makes it seem more significant.

What radioactive material should we be looking out for?

The byproducts of the recent nuclear explosion are Iodine-131, strontium-90 and cesium-137. Iodine-131 travels best (therefore the first material to be found in the US), but after 80 days, only less than 0.1% will remain.  Cesium-137 can travel too, but once it falls on the ground, it will stay there for 300 years with only 0.1% remaining.


Why should we be concerned?

Because these radioactive materials can enter our bodies through ingesting, absorption through the skin or inhalation.  Moreover, they have been shown to cause different types of cancer.


What can Mamas do to protect their families?

Before going out to buy Potassium Iodide, Mamas can simply use Raw Food to:

1. protect our family’s bodies by filling up our cells with good minerals  and thereby keeping radioactive materials out, and

2. detoxify in order to get rid of any radioactive materials already present.

How can we use Raw Food to protect our families from radiation exposure?

From Gabriel Cousens’ A Comprehensive Holistic Approach to the Plague of Radiation and What To Do:


1. Serve up foods that protect the body from radiation exposure:


Iodine (found in kelp and strawberries)



thyroid and gonads




Potassium (found in chard, crimini mushrooms and spinach)



muscles, kidneys, liver, and reproductive organs




Calcium (found in spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens and collard greens)






Other excellent foods that protect against radiation are:

– garlic, onion, ginseng

– echinacea, rosemary

green tea – 20 cups gives 97% more protection against radiation

chlorophyll-rich foods: cabbage, leafy greens, spirulina (decreases side effects of radiation by 50%), wheatgrass, sprouts, blue green algae

beets can lessen cesium-137 absorption by 97-100%

bee pollen contains 15% lecithin which protects against all 3 radioactive materials: iodine-131, strontium-90 and cesium-137


2. Serve up foods that bind to radioactive material, turning them into harmless salts and then ridding the body of them:


Kelp family (kelp, arame, wakame, kombu, hijiki) contains sodium alginate





Green algae (chlorella)




Other excellent chelates:

apples, sunflowers seeds, miso, grains, beans, peas


3. Serve up alkalizing foods that are low in the food chain protect the body against radiation:

raw vegan foods because they have lower concentrations of radioactive materials:

avoid animal products because they contain up to 15 x (milk) and 30 x (beef) more radioactive materials

More Resources:

Nuclear Plants Near You (USA)


What is raw vegan food?

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What do Raw Vegans avoid?

Sun Tea

4 Mar


Sun Tea

We love using free energy from the sun to brew tea!  It’s energy efficient, plus the tea is never overpowering.

In a glass pitcher, place:

5 tea bags

2 quarts water

We place ours outside in the morning and it is ready by dinner.  How about yours?