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Review: Your Right To Be Beautiful

5 May

Your Right To Be Beautiful Volumizing Shampoo & Anti-Aging Facial Cream

Well, I tried the Anti-Aging Cream a few years ago and didn’t like it.  It just didn’t work for me then.  But my friend Cayce recently reminded me of Raw Food Advocate, Tonya Zavasta’s, Beautiful on Raw Products after she tried the Multi-Herbal Green Clay Mask.  Cayce said she absolutely loved it.

So, I decided to give it another try recently and was really surprised because it works!  Apparently, just this year, Tonya tripled the amount of sea buckthorn fruit extract in her cream… and it has made a big difference!  My skin feels wonderfully hydrated during the day and night.  In fact, in my vain search for Vegan cosmetics, I think among the moisturizers, Your Right to Be Beautiful Facial Cream has given me the best results so far in hydrating my skin and for lessening my wrinkles.  Yes, in my opinion, even better than Acure’s moisturizers!

Less wrinkles and more hydrated on Your Right To Be Beautiful Anti-Aging Cream… and no make-up in this photo too!!

I also decided to try the Volumizing Shampoo and was surprised again by Tonya’s products.  The shampoo lathers very well.  Although every time I use it I feel like the suds are stripping my hair of its natural oils as I rinse, but my hair is always easy to comb afterwards and as it dries, I find my hair just ‘falls’ well.  I’m wearing my hair down again without doing anything to it.  My son, who has had a fetish for his Mama’s hair since he was born, exclaimed as soon as he touched my dry hair after I used this shampoo, “Mama!  You’ve never had softer hair!  It’s like baby hair!”  And this is true, I haven’t had softer hair since using ‘healthier’ shampoos.

My son wanted to take this photo of me today while we were playing in the garden. It is rare for me to leave my hair down because it is so fine and thin.  I don’t have the time to fix it nor do I want to put product on my hair.  I only have time to wash, comb and let it air-dry.  My hair falls well naturally with Tonya Zavasta’s Volumizing Shampoo!

I am truly surprised by the quality of Tonya’s cream and shampoo!   To me, her website seems a little dull and old compared to the more updated websites of AcureSuki or even 100% Pure.  The packaging of the Your Right To Be Beautiful products also looks cheaper.  The woman I was e-mailing at her company didn’t know how to entertain the idea of sending me samples to review.  She didn’t.  And in fact, she stopped responding to me, so I had to buy the cream and the shampoo for this review from my health food store.  Judging from the website and my communication with its representative, this company does not seem like it would have quality products… but they do!  The cream and shampoo are definitely worth a try!

Now I want to get her facial brush and start dry brushing my face!


Did it pass my cosmetics criteria?  Absolutely!

1. smell – I love the smell of the cream. It smells luxurious.  I’m not crazy about the Lotus Flower smell of the shampoo, but it smells… ‘clean’.

2. sensitivities – none.  It says it is safe for very sensitive skin.

3. taste – no adverse taste when I drink water right after the application of the cream.

4. moisturize – Yes it does (cream and shampoo)!

5. everyday comfort – Yes.  An all-in-one cream that works is a wonderful product for a busy Mama who just wants results with minimal work.  As for the shampoo, it softens and at the same time adds volume to my thin and fine hair!

6. lasting effect – According to the website: “Your Right to Be Beautiful Facial Cream contains sea buckthorn oil, known for its amazing nourishing, regenerative and restorative actions. Coconut oil, aloe vera leaf extract and avocado oil add soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Mango seed butter helps to protect your skin from dryness.  The cream is suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin and can be used as a daily moisturizer or as an enriching night cream. You can apply the cream under makeup foundation or as a soothing aftershave.”  As for the Volumizing Shampoo, “You’ll notice my shampoo and conditioner contain more ingredients than the average similar products. Why? Because I wanted these products to include everything known to deliver shine, volume, softness and manageability to hair while still being as pure and natural as humanly possible.”

7. eco-friendly – The ingredients are Vegan and a handful are Certified Organic.  Not exactly completely RAW like Bee Yummy’s products, but, as a Raw Foodie, Tonya says she keeps the quality of her beauty products as high as she can too. She sources the best ingredients that she can for the products that she personally uses and sells.

Review: Acure Lemongrass and Argan Oil Shampoo

5 Mar

Acure Lemongrass and Argan Oil Shampoo

We have tried all different types of organic ‘healthy’ shampoos: from the brand names (Alba, Avalon Organics, Burt’s Bees, California Baby, Giovanni, Jason, Kiss My Face, Weleda) to the DIY methods (Castille Soap Shampoo and No Poo).  I have not been extremely happy with any of them.  They all just do the job.  Because I exercise 5 times a week, I prefer to wash my hair almost everyday.  Most of the organic healthy shampoos are very drying to my hair.  What I don’t like is that they leave my hair feeling heavy, stringy and dull.  The lather almost always tangles my very fine hair.  When it is dry, the hair doesn’t feel as smooth as when I used to use non-organic commercial products and my hair tangles even when it is dry.

So I jumped at the chance of Acure Organics sending us their Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Shampoo to review.  Argan Oil, as I mentioned earlier, is known for its amazing benefits for the hair, nails and skin.  For the hair, it supposedly revives the dullness, promotes growth and prevents split ends.

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try this product!  When I opened the cap to smell the product, I thought it was too strong and overwhelming.  But when I used it in the shower, the smell was more subtle.  The feel was light, mild and it lathered up foam very easily.  My long hair did not tangle so much as I washed it.  This shampoo also didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy, dry or dull.  In fact, I only used apple cider vinegar as a conditioner (1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to 2 cups water in a bottle) and my hair was easy to comb through and felt soft as it dried.  My hair doesn’t tangle now when dry and I have used this product for about 2 weeks.  It is the best of the organic ‘healthy’ shampoos I have tried so far.

We thought we would try it on our son too, but we forgot about shampoos and eye sensitivities (son uses No Poo or California Baby).  This product will sting little eyes, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for young children.

Did it pass my cosmetics criteria?

1. smell – not subtle but not overpowering either, refreshing is a good word for lemongrass

2. sensitivities – it will sting eyes, it won’t tangle long hair

3. taste – didn’t taste it!

4. moisturize – not as drying as other ‘healthy’ hair products I have tried

5. everyday comfort – definitely, I could use this everyday!

6. lasting effect – yes, it works

7. eco-friendly – Acure Organics prides themselves in a triple bottom line: green packaging, green products and social consciousness.

Yes, I will use and buy this product again.