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Waste Not: Serum and Soap

16 Mar

I try not to waste what I purchase. I don’t throw excess grease away. I use the lard and tallow for my Mama in the Kitchen business.

Bacon Grease Soap

I make animal fat soap bars and these are actually my favourite of all the soaps I make. In fact, they are also my number one selling soaps these days. They sell out even before they finish curing. If pure castile soaps are milky, these are oh-so-creamy!

Mama in the Kitchen Serum 5

I also recently added my special Mama in the Kitchen serum from animal fats and have discovered that my skin just loves them. Animal fats are more compatible to our skin than vegetable fats. They nourish our outer layers and keep the moisture in without a greasy feel. I am now making balm, serum, and cream.