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Food Matters

22 Aug

My husband and I watched Food Matters tonight.  I loved it because of the information. I loved it because my husband now wants to add Superfoods into our meals.  I loved it because I have an ally in my work to provide our family with a healthier diet.


Did you know:

– The Number 3 killer in America is Errors in Modern Medicine?  (#1 is heart disease, #2 cancer)
In the UK, 10,000 people die/year from drug side effects (compared to 3,500 from car accidents and 9,000 from prostate cancer).  In the US, 106,000 people die from prescribed drugs/year, not including overdose and misuse of the drugs.  That’s around 2.5 M people in 23 years.

– 25% of commercials on TV are about drugs

– Drug Industry makes $1/2 Trillion/year in the USA

– if you eat more than 51% cooked food, your body’s immune system sends a false alarm because it reacts to cooked foods as if they were a foreign organism

– less than 6% of graduating physicians in the USA spend time studying nutrition

– Western Medicine’s solution for Cancer (chemo, radiation, surgery, drug) results in less than 30% survival in 5 years.  Dr. Max Gerson’s Therapy of fresh vegetable juices and organic foods has a 50% cure rate with the TERMINALLY ILL!

Important Issues to Think About:

– how old is your food?
If 5 days old, you will have 40% of the nutrients of that freshly picked.  Imagine canned and processed foods.

– the problem is in our SOIL.
Fertilizers are composed usually of 3 minerals: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.  But the soil really needs 52 minerals, like iron.  Because the soil is deficient, our plants are weak and susceptible to disease, bugs, fungus and die.  The solution is often pesticides and fungicides.

– Conventional Food is therefore DEFICIENT and TOXIC.  Even commercial vegetarian food.

– COOKING destroys enzymes needed for digestion.  Even LIGHTLY STEAMED vegetables are recognized by the body as foreign objects because the cooking has changed its natural food structure.

– You cannot heal the body selectively.  You cannot treat just 1 of the illnesses.  All problems will disappear when the body heals properly.

– We need to boost health, not use a pill for every ill.  We need to change the root cause of the illness, not treat symptoms.

– We need to get toxins out of the cells first before nutrients can get into them.


Foods to note:

– super foods: like spirulina and cacao bean
– spirulina = 50% protein, has been consumed in Mexico for 5000 years, completely absorbable by cells
– cacao bean = could be highest food with anti-oxidant and mineral content: magnesium, chromium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, which protects from DNA damage and cancer

– vitamins to prevent and treat illness:
– vitamin C to cure viral disease, the common cold, stress
– 30,000mg/day up to 200,000mg/day of vitamin C given in I.V. for 24 hours so that it enters directly into the blood stream KILLS CANCER with NO side effects such as nausea, just thirst and wooziness

– organic vegetarian diet and stress reduction arrests and reverses cardiovascular disease without surgery

– Niacin (3,000mg/day) has been proved to improve severe depression

– 2 handfuls of cashews has the same therapeutic effects of Prozac