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Is Veganism Safe For Babies?

9 Jul

HuffPost Live

First of all, thank you Nancy Redd and HuffPost Live for having me for a much needed discussion. Watch the video here!

My thoughts to:

  • @chubbyveganmom – wish we were closer! I totally see our kids having fun in the kitchen together!
  • @FatGirlPosing – enjoy looking at your photos!  I thought you’d be interested in the new study out by National Health and Nutrition Examination
    Survey (NHANES) that states it is the lack of exercise, not food intake, that causes obesity.

Vegan Mamas out there: Are your Vegan Babies Healthy? Would love to hear from you!!!

NOTE: My Twitter is @MamaInDKtchn! Also, our family members are ranked rowers (NOT national rowers… wish we were though)! 🙂


Confessions of a Raw Vegan Mama in Progress

3 May
“What’s a veganist? Someone who moves toward eating a plant based diet so that they are as physically healthy as they can be, environmentally friendly, and a kind and thoughtful human being. And it’s not about being pure or strict; it’s about being informed and having fun while living according to values like kindness and thoughtfulness. Truly, I believe in progress, not perfection!”
Kathy Freston, author of Veganist

So, this is me, a Raw Vegan Mama in progress:

1. When explaining vegetarianism to me for the first time, my Yoga teacher explained that meat-eaters tend to be more aggressive, while vegetarians tend to be more peaceful people. I often wonder what happened to Hitler. Wasn’t he a vegetarian?

2. I was a vegetarian for 6 years and now a raw vegan for 2 years. Will I want to add cooked foods to my diet soon?

3. I’m not that selfless: I altered my diet for the health benefits, not for animal rights. The environmental impact was a bonus!

4. I do live in a Raw Vegan Mama and Cooked Carnivore Daddy household but I don’t think it’s worth fighting with my family over food…

5. …because I know the power lies with the Mama in the kitchen who buys and prepares the food. So, my family eats 50% raw vegan foods, but they are not vegans nor vegetarians by choice.

6. To keep the peace, I do buy raw dairy and cook animal products for them a few times a week. But I make sure they are organic and/or wild and/or grass-fed.

7. When I do cook, it is mostly from scratch and mostly vegetarian. I even have a flour mill to mill our own grains.

8. Sadly, my family are not always happy about what I serve them: raw or cooked. Sigh. As my guinea pigs, I know when I’ve hit their limit when my wonderfully stingy husband suggests we eat out.

9. Being a new vegan, there are items in my home that are not so vegan-friendly. A cheapskate myself, I see no reason to throw them out.

10. Right now I want to create a raw vegan alternative that is more attractive and delicious, so that my family and friends will willingly eat or drink something raw vegan… and simply enjoy it.

Another Mother Acting Up In The Kitchen

25 Apr

So, I love being another mother acting up in the kitchen.

Here I am on the Mothers Acting Up Website.

Check it out!