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Keto Cream Shake

24 Jul

This Keto Cream Shake has helped us tremendously on our Keto journey. One of us here needs help GAINING weight on KETO and the intake of any extra fats and protein in the form of this drink has eased consumption of “more.” One of us also needs more fats to feel satiety after meals which this drink happily offers.

Keto Cream Shake

Keto Cream Shake

Based on our ice cream recipe, this makes a perfect Keto Cream Shake!

10 servings (over 1/4 c per serving: 187 kcal, 18.6g fats, 3.8g protein, 1.6g carbs)


  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 2 whole eggs (if you haven’t tried raw eggs yet, it is delicious!)
  • 3 T vanilla whey protein (we use Jay Robb’s)
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of sea salt
  • additions, around 3 T:
    • sweetener to taste depending on the sweetness of your protein powder (we’ve added NO sweetener to 1/4 c Swerve/erythritol/xylitol and have preferred it plain)
    • cacao powder
    • berries
    • your choice of flavourings.

Ice Cream 3


  1. Place all ingredients in a 1 quart mason jar.
  2. Blend well with immersion blender.
  3. (Or place all ingredients in a blender and blend well.)
  4. Serve and enjoy the creaminess.


Creamy Plantain Green Smoothie

9 Apr

Plantain Bananas

Because they are in season all year round in the tropics, I grew up eating plantains fried or baked or boiled or steamed almost daily.  They were one of my fave foods.  I was told not to eat them raw, but I couldn’t resist trying one as it ripened on my kitchen counter one day a few years ago.  Now I love them RAW when they are all black, soft and super sweet.  Sometimes, I can’t wait and eat them when they are a little soft, but still quite yellow (like in the photo above).  For breakfast, I love them with a little raw almond butter and raw honey or with cayenne spices.  For lunch, I like to eat them plain with a huge salad to bulk up my meal when I am really hungry.  Sometimes, we love them in smoothies because they create really lovely creamy drinks.  For days when you are really hungry, these smoothies have a heavier creaminess than regular bananas.  Plantains are an excellent source of potassium, magnesium and vitamins B6 and C.

Today, my whole family enjoyed a Strawberry Plantain Green Smoothie.  For me, the fewer ingredients, the better.   I like keeping things simple.  I used to add dates when my family was transitioning to a more raw food diet, but we find dates in green smoothies too sweet now.  We prefer them a little plainer these days – so we can really taste the ingredients in the smoothie.  I also used to add only 4 cups of greens, but now we prefer 6 cups or more.  But feel free to experiment with other veggies and fruits and add your fave raw ingredients too like nuts and/seeds.  Here’s my basic recipe.

Blend all in a high speed blender:

2 really ripe, soft and black plantains, peeled

1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1 cup water

1 pint of strawberries or fruits in season

6 cups of greens, or more

I find it easier to add the greens to the blender first, so I can measure it to make sure I have at least more than 6 cups.

Then I add the strawberries.

Then I add the orange juice and water.

Then I add the plantains last.

Puree it all together for a creamy green smoothie.

Living Limeade

23 Jul

Living Limeade

When I was growing up, we always drank freshly squeezed Calamansi Juice at home.  It is a refreshing and delicious drink on hot days, but is made with lots of white sugar.  Today when it is above 100F outdoors, this Living Limeade version will cool anyone down – without anything refined!

Drink Up and Cool Down!

Mix together:

1 tsp sea salt

3 limes, juiced (you can use 2 lemons too, but we prefer it with limes)

5 – 6 oz raw local honey (or your preferred sweetener)

3 cups water


When A Green Salad Just Won’t Do! Top 6 Ways To Get Kids To Love Plant-Based Food Again!

21 Jun

Look familiar? This is the "I don't think I can eat this!" look.

My fabulous niece Lia loves raw Kale Salad and Green Smoothies, but a piece of plain lettuce may be asking her for too much!  How many kids have you seen do this exact same thing? Many! And there are even more who won’t even touch any kind of vegetable.

A few months ago, when Karen Ranzi came to speak at our local university, she was so excited to see my 4 year old son eat a Banana Lettuce Wrap (below) and exclaimed “Wow! We need to take a picture of that!”  Unfortunately, as he grows up and gets more exposed to the Standard American Diet, his preference for unhealthy ‘normal American’ foods has escalated.  Recently, he has exclaimed: “No more Green Salads for me!  Only Green Smoothies!”

Banana Date Lettuce Wrap: a very simple meal

What’s a Mama to do? 

I knew this wouldn’t be easy.  So I have armed myself with new ways to get my little one to love eating unprocessed plant-based whole foods again. Here’s what I make sure we have:

1. A variety of fresh fruit in the house, for breakfast, snacks and/or pre-dinner munchies.

2. Lots of GREEN Smoothies in the house.

3. My niece Lia just discovered GREEN Smoothie Popsicles and loves them.  We have loved them in the summer time too!  Simply place leftover Green Smoothie into your popsicle molds and voila! another treat with nutritional benefits! By the way, we love our BPA free popsicle molds!

My son loves his popsicle from a Blueberry Green Smoothie!

3. Get the JUICER out for GREEN Juices.  If they won’t eat the salad, they can definitely drink them (as long as they are yummy!).  For most kids, this means a mixture of fruit and vegetable juices.  Although it is hard work, it is worth any Mama’s time: fresh green juices go directly into our cells and work their wonders.

4. Mix raw and cooked together for Half & Half! Yes, definitely the easier way to get the family to eat more fresh raw veggies.

Asparagus and Tomato Salad: cooked asparagus and raw tomatoes with Balsamic Vinaigrette (this is great with Broccoli and Tomatoes too!)

Zucchini Pasta topped with Cooked Lentils... you can always try!

Vegetable Sushi: my family loves Avocado, we use raw untoasted Nori... and yes that's white rice, they prefer it that way... maybe because they feel it's more authentic?

5. Prepare more COOKED PLANT-BASED options at each meal so that the family doesn’t crave other SAD (Standard American Diet) Foods.  This is important and something I often forget because I am so involved in making something Raw Vegan at each meal.  As I add more home-cooked vegan options at every meal, my family craves less for the unhealthier cooked fare.  Some of their Vegan faves: Japanese Vegetable Pancakes, Buckwheat Soba Noodles, Vegetable Sushi, Steamed Sweet Potato, Steamed Artichokes, Baked Potato Chips, Peanut (or Raw Almond) Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Pasta Alfredo, Pasta with a very simple Tomato Sauce, Chinese Dumplings, Sloppy Joes, Fajitas, Zucchini Bread… They don’t seem to like beans all that much.

6. Remind them that there are Raw Vegan Cookies and other Sweets too.  While I prefer fresh foods, I do make some treats for my family occasionally as well.

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Raw ‘Hot’ Chocolate

8 May

Raw 'Hot' Chocolate

When I woke up today , I craved for Hot Chocolate!  My homebirth success story was published late last night on Mother’s Day Asian time, so I have been reminiscing about how the little girl inside me became a Mama on a cold November morning.  And on this Spring day, Hot Chocolate is what I wanted!

This quick raw version was just what I wanted on Mother’s Day!

Mix together in a blender:

1 tbspn raw cacao powder

1 tbspn raw local honey (or your preferred sweetener like agave syrup or maple syrup)

1 tbspn raw almond butter

1 cup water

spices (vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, other), optional

Strain.  Enjoy!

Raw Orange Soda Pop

6 Apr

I got an e-mail a few days ago from Stacey asking for help because she wants her husband to eat better.  One line struck me in her e-mail: “The only fruit he will eat are oranges.” So, Stacey, here is a drink for your husband.

And for all you Mamas out there who are struggling to feed family attached to their corn syrup filled and artificially flavoured soda, try this one!  This is a wonderfully nutritious alternative to Fanta, Sunkist or even the Airborne Effervescence!  One glass of orange juice has more protective properties than a vitamin C pill!


A Glass of Raw Orange 'Soda Pop'


1/4 tsp aluminum free baking soda (not raw, but it adds fizz)


2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice

Enjoy immediately.

How To Add Life To Plain Ol’ Water

31 Mar


Jazz It Up! I used my leftover cilantro stems from my dinner salad, slices of oranges and lemon. Yum!


What a fantastic idea the water looks beautiful, tastes great and takes less than 5 minutes!

What a nice change from regular water.  Don’t get me wrong, I love plain ol’ water, but this adds to any Mama’s repertoire of healthy drinks!  At our recent potluck, my friend Sherri served us flavored water with orange, lemon and freshly cut mint from her garden. It was elegantly subtle and absolutely refreshing.

What To Do To Add Life To Plain Ol’ Water?

Simply add fruits and/or vegetables and/or other flavors to a jug and fill with water. Serve immediately or place in  the refrigerator overnight.

Add to the water:

– apple cider vinegar

– berries

– citrus fruit, sliced

– cucumber, peeled and sliced

– ginger, sliced thinly

– herbs: mint, lemongrass, rosemary, cilantro, etc

– sea salt

– a mixture of above

– love


Love in Plain Ol’ Water?

Yes, we can charge the water we drink and serve to others with love and positive energy. In  Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s book The Hidden Messages in Water, he explains how one’s thoughts affects the structure of water.  Merely thinking “I love you” creates beautiful crystals in water, while crystals are unformed and patterns are asymmetrical when directed with negative thoughts.  Moreover, Dr. Emoto found that even printed words placed near water and type of music played around water affects its structure.  He says,

“All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics.  In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best…  Water exposed to “Thank You” formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but water exposed to the word “Fool” produced crystals similar to the water exposed to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented… “Let’s do it!” created attractive, well-formed crystals, but.. “Do it!” barely formed any crystals at all…  The vibration of good words has a positive effect on our world, whereas the vibration from negative words has the power to destroy.

Words are an expression of the soul. And the condition of our soul is very likely to have an enormous impact on the water that composes as much as 70% of our body, and this impact will in no small way affect our bodies.”


Water at our house just won’t be the same anymore!


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