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Washington D.C. VegFest

22 Sep

According to VegNews, Washington, DC has the biggest Veggie eating population at 8.3 percent, the biggest percentage of any city in the United States. And this Saturday, the nation’s capital will be offering a FREE outdoor festival with the very best of everything VEGGIE in D.C.!

When: this Saturday, 24th September 2011, 11am to 6pm

Where: George Washington University at the Univ. Yard, 2000 blk of H St., NW, DC

Price: FREE

Organized by: Compassion Over Killing and the Vegetarian Society of D.C.

Scheduled Talks include: The Latest in Clinical Nutrition, The Meat Crisis and Gas Prices and The Meat of the Matter: how our diet impacts the planet (details here)

Exhibitors: food and commercial vendors, as well as non-profit organizations (details here)

For more information:

Hospital Feeds Cancer Patient Animal Based Meals and Processed Foods

19 Sep

Free Drinks for family or friends at the Hospital in the Surgical Waiting Room

What’s Wrong with Animal Based Foods and Processed Foods?

If you’ve watched the recent documentary Forks Over Knives, which is now available in DVD or on Amazon Instant Video or on Netflix, the message from highly respected and reputed doctors (Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. Dough Lisle, Dr. Terry Mason, Dr. Neal Barnard and Drs. Matthew Lederman and Alona Pulde) is clear and simple:

  • the quantity of animal based foods and processed foods consumption is directly correlated to degenerative diseases, especially heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and even erectile disfunction.
  • animal protein has shown that its addition into the diet alone can turn on and off cancer.
  • a whole foods plant based diet has the power to cure many diseases.
  • a whole foods plant based diet has the power to prevent many diseases.

Hospital Serves Cancer Patient Animal Based Meals and Processed Foods

Would you give an alcoholic a bottle of wine?  Would you temp someone who just quit smoking with a cigarette?  Then why do hospitals serve Cancer patients, and other patients who are struggling with health and possibly life itself, processed foods and animal products – the very foods that cause disease in the first place?

Last week, someone very close to my heart had a lung operation to remove cancer cells.  While I was undoubtedly saddened by the news, I was appalled at what kind of food was served to her at the hospital.  And this was in a very well known and respected hospital!

Her very first and subsequent drink offers at the hospital:

  • ginger ale with high fructose corn syrup with loads of ice
  • cranberry juice from a plastic tub (the kind that makes the juice taste like plastic)
  • apple juice concentrate from Argentina and China.

She also noted that she had quite a difficult time getting the nurses to give her just plain water without ice.

Her very first meal was breakfast:

  • oatmeal (the healthiest choice on the tray)
  • French toast
  • 2 pieces of greasy bacon (after surgery? really?) and 
  • canned fruit.


  • turkey and gravy
  • mashed potatoes (with butter?),
  • green beans and grapes (at least!).


  • beef stew and
  • broccoli (another at least!).

Snacks: Family and friends were offered ice cream, which was full of  artificial ingredients except for the first ingredient, milk.

The total ignorance in choices offered by the hospital’s food service is appalling but not really surprising.  I remind myself, this is probably how many people eat.  This is considered normal food.  But it is wrong on so many levels.

What To Do To Change What Hospitals Feed Patients?

While many of us are unable to make drastic changes to hospital food services, we can make our choices known!

For family and friends of patients, bring better options for your loved ones:

  • filtered water
  • raw healthy juices
  • fruits and
  • easily digested vegetables (i.e. pureed soups).

For patients: ask the hospital staff if they have Vegan options.

4 Top Reasons to Shop at your Local Health Food Store

8 Apr

I love going to my local community health food store, 14 Carrot Whole Foods for four wonderful reasons.

14 Carrot serves its Local Community

One of the best things they do, in my humble opinion, is their bi-weekly produce sale.  I hear mothers come in and talk to each other all the time.  “This place is even better than Walmart on Thursdays and Sundays from 1 – 5.  All produce is 30% off!  And it’s all organic or local!”  Indeed, a lot of its produce comes from farms nearby, like City Roots or are grown by people who work there, like Don’s tomatoes!  They also allow farms in the area to use their space as a drop-off for their CSA programs, making it so convenient for shoppers.

14 Carrot is Eco-Conscious

Jim helps me bag my groceries every week and often talks about recycling, reduce and reuse.  Ed, the owner, is very environment conscious and is passionate about decreasing his business’s carbon footprint.  They are a certified GREEN business.

14 Carrot focuses on Health

And for the nutrition-conscious like me, shopping at 14 Carrot is heaven. When Karen Ranzi, author of Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods, visited and gave a talk at 14 Carrot, she remarked that we have more raw food items available to us in Lexington than in her own local health shop in New Jersey! Indeed, the people who work at 14 Carrot are very knowledgeable about what they do. Kathy, also a health food minister for Hallelujah Acres, is savvy about all things raw vegan and has helped turn me on, and so many other people in the community, to eating more raw foods.  I could also talk to Lou for hours learning about all things raw primal (raw milk, raw cheese, raw yoghurt, raw butter, raw meats) and local products as well (meats and dairy).  Furthermore, because of the staff and the quality of foods on display, my son is introduced to HEALTH foods at a young age. This nutrition education is priceless.

14 Carrot is a Neighbor

Most of all, I really love going to 14 Carrots because it feels like going to a neighbor’s house for a get-together every time I visit.  My son knows most of the people who work there by name. He plays rough with Mr. Don, sticks out his tongue at Mr. Tristan (ugh! but at least Tristan does it back), shows Ms. Lisa his Michael Jackson moves, has mini-conversations with Ms. La Toya, asks Mr. Lou for a smoothie and gives Ms. Song a kiss. I bump into friends all the time and I meet other like-minded shoppers who love healthy food.  A few weeks ago, I was surprised when Chris, a white guy who eats cooked food, taught me, an Asian Raw Foodie, how to make Kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented food.

Yes, 14 Carrots brings grocery shopping to another level!  We love going there and anyone who loves organic, local and health foods will too! 14 Carrot Whole Foods takes its mission as a local health food shop seriously and passionately. As a community, we cannot do without!