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Kid-Friendly Cayenne Spiced Kale Chips

17 Jan

Cayenne Spiced Kale

These are hands down my son’s favorite Kale Chips!

Simply stem a bunch of clean kale.  Toss and massage the leaves with a little extra virgin olive oil and some Sweet and Spicy Cayenne Mix (depending on how big your bunch is 1 – 3 tsp of the mix – I use 1/4 tsp of cayenne in the mix for this recipe).  Dehydrate at 105F till dry.  Enjoy as is or cracked into pieces as a topping on any meal, like soups or quinoa.

The Sweeter Side of Cayenne

17 Jan

A perfect way to spice up your Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treat!

Dip Mama’s Easy Raw Chocolate in some Sweet and Spicy Cayenne Dip (I prefer using 3/4 tsp cayenne in the dip mix for this one) for a kick!

Add some Sweet and Spicy Cayenne Sprinkles on banana slices and enjoy with homemade Raw Almond Butter on the side!  Delish!

I love eating apples (especially sour ones) with a side of sea salt. Dipping apple slices in some Sweet and Spicy Cayenne Rub brings apple slices up to a whole different level! Try it also with freshly sliced jicama ‘fries’!

Spice It Up with Hot and Fiery Cayenne

17 Jan

Capsicum annuum

Looking for magic powder to keep you healthy and warm during the Winter? Look no further! Try some cayenne!

Heating and stimulating, cayenne is the best spice to burn up toxins in the body.  It also has shown to:

– help eliminate mucus in the body

– prevent clots

– strengthen the heart

– improve circulation

– relieve arthritis

– lower blood sugar levels

– lower cholesterol

– aid in the digestion of fat

– aid in the digestion of raw foods

– cleanse the colon

– help stop external and internal bleeding

– remove parasites from the body

More on Cayenne Pepper here: Wikipedia and World’s Healthiest Foods.
What’s more, you can easily enjoy fiery cayenne pepper with both sweet and savory (kale chips) foods!   Here is our favourite way to spice things up with cayenne: Mama’s easy and simple Sweet and Spicy Cayenne Mix.

Cayenne Spiced Quinoa: simply sprinkle some of the cayenne mix on boiled quinoa... yum!

Mix together:

1/4 tsp – 3/4 tsp cayenne pepper, or to taste

1/2 tbspn Sucanat (or other unrefined cane sugar like Panel, Rapadura, Muscovado or Jaggery)

1 tbspn sea salt

Enjoy as a dip, rub and/or seasoning salt.