Mama in the Kitchen Soap Shop Open for Business!

8 Jan

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Now licensed to sell soap!

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As a sufferer of hand eczema, I started making my own soap in search of a solution to my skin condition. On my soap making journey, I have discovered that pure 100% olive oil Castile Soaps are the mildest and gentlest soaps. In fact, it is the only soap I can use without dreading fissures on my skin. Today, Mama in the Kitchen Soap Shop focuses on creating 100% olive oil Castile Soaps for you.

100% olive oil Castile soaps moisturize and hydrate the skin. Their gentle and mild properties benefit all skin conditions from dry to oily.



My soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure quality. They are cured for a couple of months to ensure gentleness.

My soaps are also attractive and luxurious. They are not over-the-top creations, but remain understated in their beauty and simplicity.


Simplicity and purity are key: the less ingredients, the better. No: Preservatives, Parabens, SLS, SLES, Unnatural Colours, Palm Oil. Non-toxic and gentle on the environment.


If any of my soaps are scented, the smell is mild and not overpowering. I choose to use quality essential oils over fragrance oils when economical. When I do use fragrance oils, they are without parabens. Unlike strong perfume, my soaps do not give me a headache when I smell them.


No animal fats used.

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