Review: MyChelle Dermaceuticals

12 Feb
The MyChelle Samples I received.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals were the first of all samples of the recommended cosmetics I received in the mail. My contact at MyChelle said they were running low on samples, so I only had enough to last for 24 hours. I realize that is usually long enough for me to figure out if my skin likes the products or not.

I followed the MyChelle Six Steps to Beautiful Skin Approach:

1. CLEANSE: Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

I loved using this! It was thin and light with only a subtle fragrance. It was not sticky or harsh on my skin – and yet it was able to effectively take off my make up without stripping my natural oils.

2. TREAT: Incredible Pumpkin

The directions said I would feel a tingling after 5 minutes, but I didn’t. I actually felt a lot of tingling after the 6 steps were almost done. I didn’t particularly like the smell on this one: it smelled like canned pureed pumpkin baby food.

3. SERUM: They gave me 2: Perfect C Serum and NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum

I preferred the NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum by far! The Perfect C Serum was light with a mild smell, but it felt astringent on my skin – like alcohol. Sure enough it does contain denatured alcohol. The NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum, on the other hand, felt wonderful on my skin – even if it too contains some denatured alcohol. It was light, mild, thin yet hydrating.

4. MIST: I didn’t have any samples.

5. NOURISH: Deep Repair Cream

I really liked the Deep Repair Cream. It was creamy and thick but not at all greasy. It had a nice subtle smell too. This cream didn’t feel like it would have long lasting power because my skin just absorbed it all in a few seconds and left my outer layer feeling bare. The next morning, however, my face still felt hydrated. I applied some again after my morning routine and applied some makeup soon after, which glided on very smoothly and easily with no problem at all. My only negative comment: this cream does slightly sting my eyes.

6. PROTECT: I didn’t have any samples.

MyChelle Passed My Cosmetics Criteria

1. smell – subtle, not overpowering

2. sensitivities – slightly stung my eyes and my face tingled a little (but the latter was to be expected according to the directions)

3. taste – no strong adverse taste at all when I drank water soon after application

4. moisturize – upon application, my face did feel hydrated, but it didn’t feel like it would have lasting effect because I didn’t feel like the moisturizer left a protective layer over my skin. My face felt more exposed to the dry winter than usual… but then look at #6.

5. everyday comfort – products were not sticky, greasy or shiny. Make-up applied easily and effectively over it.

6. lasting effect – yes, surprisingly, my face still felt hydrated the next day – despite feeling like it wouldn’t!

7. eco-friendly – yes! According to their website, their products are pure and nontoxic, they are always cruelty-free and never tested on animals, 100% Vegetarian, most are Vegan!  And they give to charity!

After Thoughts

I wish I had more samples to try for another few days. Based on the 24 hour trial, I would choose to use the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser and NoTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum daily. I liked the Deep Repair Cream and would probably use it everyday too if not for the slight stinging issue on my eyes. I would probably choose to use the Deep Repair Cream in the morning and combine it with a more hydrating product at night, like Argan Oil.

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