Vain Vegan with Cosmetic Issues

11 Feb

Ingredients for Raw Moisturizer: This is fantastic for the body.  I don’t wake up with dry legs anymore especially in the winter.  But, both my son and I broke out after applying some on our faces – must be the cacao butter…? So, I’m looking for a new healthy face moisturizer!

For the past 6 years, I’ve tried everything on my face from simple extra virgin organic olive oil, coconut oil and/or jojoba oil, to healthy products like Dr. Hauschka, derma e and ZIA, to Raw Vegan products like Alkaitis, and even a very high end line Cellcosmet (a very generous gift).  But time and time again, I was unhappy with these products for one or more reasons: too greasy, too sticky, too drying, too expensive, and the list went on.  At the end of the day, I would just go back to my same old, same old commercial cosmetics brand – a product I’ve been using for ages, very reliable, not greasy, not sticky, not drying and a product my skin just feels at home in.  But, I’m not happy to report that it is rated 7 out 10 (with 10 as most toxic) by the Cosmetics Database of the Environmental Working Group.

By Word of Mouth: The Way to get Cosmetic Recommendations

Even with a great diet and with wonderful skin (people tell me all the time that they think I’m at least a decade younger than I really am), I want my face to feel hydrated and moisturized.  I felt like a prune after a year of not applying anything to my face at night (Dr. Hauschka, a year was long enough for me!).  Needless to say, I’m tired of experimenting, not to mention spending money on new products.  So I have been asking my readers and my holistic mothers groups for recommendations.  The result?  This list:

–          100 Percent Pure: Nourishing Creams, Coffee Eye Cream, Red Wine Resveratrol

–          Alkaitis

–          Ann Webb

–          Argan oil

–          Acure

–          Dr. Hauschka

–          L’Ibri – these products and my skin did not get along at all!

–          Living Nature of New Zealand

–          Miessence

–          Mineral Fusion (for makeup)

–          MyChelle

I’ve contacted the recommended companies I have not already tried before (and a few others like Bee YummySprout, Suki, Your Right To Be Beautiful) for samples which I can test for myself and review for you! Some companies have sent a few samples, some a lot and some have not even returned my e-mail yet.  So, I’ll just start reviewing products as they come.

My Cosmetics Criteria

As I review the products, these are the most important criteria for me:

  1. Smell – is the fragrance subtle or too much? I mean, can I sleep well with it on?
  2. Sensitivities – does it sting my skin or my eyes? Do I break out?
  3. Taste – after I apply the moisturizer does the water I drink or food I eat taste like chemicals?
  4. Moisturize – does it hydrate my skin deeply? I don’t want my face to feel like a desert.
  5. Everyday comfort – is it too greasy, sticky, shiny? Does my make up easily glide on after I apply the moisturizer? Or am I facial glue?
  6. Lasting effect – when I wake up the next morning, does my face still feel hydrated?
  7. Eco-Friendly – is it organic and vegan (or at least vegetarian)?

So, here we go!


11 Responses to “Vain Vegan with Cosmetic Issues”

  1. Deanna August 29, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    I’m just now reading this. What did come up with as a skin care regimen?!


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