A Tip from a Raw Smoothie Dad: Decrease the Number of Steps to Making a Raw Smoothie!

9 Sep

Recently, a Super Raw Smoothie Dad, Allen Kachurowski, shared a big tip with me: DECREASE THE NUMBER OF STEPS TO MAKING A RAW SMOOTHIE!

He pointed out to me, “Speaking from experience, I think males are probably worse fruit and vegetable eaters than kids.  I know I was.  Through my own experience I have found that the only way that I was able to reliably make [raw green] smoothies a habit was to decrease the number of steps to making oneI pre-measure all the dry ingredients once a week and store them in baby food containers.  That way every morning I save time by not having to open each package individually. It’s kind of like those daily pill containers.  I find with the Spirulina powder this works really well and prevents spilling.  Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your blog we have now added Spirulina (never knew about it before), Kale and and sometimes Dates to our smoothie.  Made the basic green recipe today and really liked it.”

Allen's Containers

Here’s Allen’s daily mix:

– Flax Seeds
– Raw Wheat Germ
– Spirulina powder
– Juice Plus+complete powder

What a time saver!  I think I’m going to have to start portioning out my ingredients too!

Thank you Allen.  I think your tip will not only make it easier for Dads to make those Raw Smoothies, but busy Mamas too!


One Response to “A Tip from a Raw Smoothie Dad: Decrease the Number of Steps to Making a Raw Smoothie!”

  1. Spirulina powder March 15, 2012 at 9:03 am #

    Amazing !

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