The Impact of Processed Foods

24 Jul

Photo by akeeris

I love that EWG‘s recent report entitled Meat Eater’s Guide to Climate Change and Health simplified the impact of food choices of meat eaters on their own health, on animal welfare, on the environment and climate of the planet we all share. Now, I really want EWG to come out with a report that really simplifies what it means for our health and the health of the earth when we choose to eat processed and packaged foods!

Some Facts that are mind-boggling:

Each person in the US generated almost 4.5 pounds of waste a day in 2009.

Containers and packaging were the largest portion of Municipal Solid Waste generated before recycling: almost 30 percent, or about 72 million tons. Only 47.8% of this was recycled.

Of all plas­tic containers and packaging, only 14% were recycled.

2.5 plastic bottles are thrown away every hour and less than 3% of this is recycled.

Less than 1% of all plastic bags are recycled!

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