A Typical Day of Food for My Family: All Vegan

7 Jun

My son has swimmer’s ear today and rested a lot. So I had a lot of time and with all my raw food energy, by 9am the dehydrator was full of spinach chips, raw bread and oatmeal cookies AND the slow cooker was already cooking my family’s cooked Vegan lunch. While yesterday’s post was to show Tonya what our typical non-Vegan food day looks like, this is our all Vegan food day to show how I incorporate more Raw Foods into my family’s diet.


Banana for my son (he’s a monkey!)

Raw Granola with Vanilla Almond Milk (this recipe without the cacao and sweetener) for all of us



Leftover Kale Salad from yesterday for all of us

Vegan “Arroz con Pollo” with Chickpeas for hubby and son



Roasted Salted Wild Jungle Peanuts for hubby (I get them raw, but he likes them roasted… at least I make them from scratch!)


Melon Smoothie for all

Spinach Chips for hubby


Collard Green Salad with grated Zucchini and Tomatoes with Almond-Orange Dressing for all

Raw Bread for me

Homemade Seitan Pot Roast with Carrots, Potatoes and Plantains for hubby and son

Raw Oatmeal Cookies for all


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