Quick and Easy Raw Ice Cream Base

9 May

Strawberry Ice Cream

I don’t have a tub of store bought ice cream in my freezer. So, on Mother’s Day like on any day, when I (or my husband or my son) want a treat I have to work for it.

I decided on Strawberry Ice Cream.

The easiest way to make raw strawberry ice cream is to process frozen bananas and strawberries in a high-speed blender or food processor, but two caveats: 1. you need frozen bananas and frozen strawberries in the freezer, and 2. ice cream made this way though creamy always tastes like bananas. Another way to make raw strawberry ice cream is with freshly made creamy nut (like almond) milk and an ice cream maker, but this requires soaking almonds overnight. A very popular way to make raw ice cream is with cashews because of its creaminess but this too requires soaking cashews overnight and an ice cream maker.

We hardly make anything with cashews because of my son’s allergies, but because this was for me and hubby and because I had no inclination for bananas or waiting a day for my treat, I simply used raw cashew butter. So, here is a very simple and quick base for any raw ice cream. Makes enough for 2 people.

Tip: I place my small food processor on top of my measuring scale (which is always covered in a zip lock bag, so it stays clean) for an easy and quick prep. I don’t have to use measuring cups, just the scale, so less to wash! Place in a food processor and process well:

pinch of salt

1 1/2 oz or more raw local honey (or preferred sweetener, like agave or maple syrup)

3 oz extra virgin coconut oil, warmed to liquefy by placing bottle in warm water

3 oz raw cashew butter

For flavor, add a handful of strawberries or a tbspn or 2 of raw cacao/carob powder or a tspn of vanilla extract or a tbspn matcha powder for green tea

enough water to make the ice cream smooth, about 2 – 4 tbspns

Taste to adjust the sweetness. Place in an ice cream maker to create an airy ice cream, or simply place in a container and freeze for about 45 minutes to 1 hour for a denser dessert.


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