What Happens When Raw Foodies Go To A Cooked Potluck?

26 Mar

Sometimes people FREAK OUT about what is on our plates.  A young cousin recently pointed to my son’s greens and said: “Yuck!  I don’t what to sit next to THAT!”

But most of the time, our family and friends are truly receptive and I’d like to say MAGIC HAPPENS. Many friends and family are now drinking green smoothies and even taking flax seed crackers and raw dip to work.  One of my favorite cousins, Cris, and her daughter love green smoothies and are eating our fave Kale Salad regularly!  My mother is partially raw too!

My dear friend Sherri, our host for today’s lunch, asked us to bring something raw because her husband wanted to taste it.  I love small potluck get-togethers! Not only does that mean that our host feels very comfortable with us, but also that they are open to us bringing some raw foods. My favorite raw items to bring to family potlucks are green smoothies, appetizers with crackers and avocado, something non-raw foodist can relate to like Zucchini Alfredo and practically any dessert. And wherever I am, I tend to bring along the topic of food, health and nutrition too!

Always a hit: Zucchini Alfredo (zucchini noodles with macadami nut 'alfredo' sauce)


Today, I wanted to experiment on a Banana Cream Pie.  I didn’t actually try it properly until we got to Sherri’s house, and when I did, I was aghast because it wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be.  I feel  that if I’m going to introduce someone to Raw Food, it better be a FANTASTIC first introduction! This was, in my opinion, a flop!


Banana Cream Pie


So I was surprised when we returned home, I found an e-mail from Sherri:

When my daughter got hungry tonight, she asked if there was any more of your banana pie that she could have after dinner was over.  I explained that you took the leftovers home but that you felt you could improve on the pie.  She told me she “loved it!”

Music to my ears! Sherri’s little one LOVED the RAW BANANA CREAM PIE!!!  ONCE AGAIN MAGIC!

(FYI, I’m still reworking it though!  And will post the recipe as soon as I have it.)

3 Responses to “What Happens When Raw Foodies Go To A Cooked Potluck?”

  1. Miguel Gonzalez March 30, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Looking forward to your banana cream pie recipe, Carissa. It looks delicious!

    • Mama In The Kitchen March 30, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

      Thanks Miguel! I’ll try to get it ASAP. Experiment #3 was still not as good as I would’ve liked it. 😉


  1. Coco-Nutty Banana Cream Pie « Mama in the Kitchen - April 2, 2011

    […] a few experiments to create one with the least ingredients and the least amount of time, here is a very easy, quick […]

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