My Fast-Food Energizer Salad

25 Mar

It’s been a long week.

I don’t know how many times this week or today we had to tell our 4 year old that: 1. kicking and scratching someone is rude, 2. doing something out of spite is also rude, 3. please listen, and 4. YES, I think you knew all that.  Tonight after another purposeful rude behavior, he said sorry in tears: “I’m really sorry Mama!!!” But then, he looks at me before sleeping and says: “Mama, if you sleep with me all night, I promise to be good.  But if you don’t, then I won’t be good.” What? It doesn’t help that he doesn’t feel all that well either.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much energy to spare these days.

Mamas with young children don’t really have a lot of time in the kitchen.  And when things come up last minute, the importance of good nutrition usually takes a step back. I’ve heard people complain that “Raw is too difficult.  It takes too much time and preparation.”

Well, you know what?  Raw is super easy and quick. It’s the perfect food for anyone who is lazy.  No waiting for something to be cooked, no washing extra pots and pans, and sometimes, hardly any prepping.  AND you get loads of health benefits.


Spirulina in Salad


With this ‘fast-food’ energizer salad, you’ll be eating and energized in less than 5 minutes. This is great when you are out and about too.  I just mix everything in the container the salad mix came in, shut it and shake it.  Voila!  No lunch box either.  Place in a big bowl:

5 oz packet of organic baby lettuce

5 oz packet of organic herb salad mix

1 pint packet of organic cherry tomatoes, just spritz with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and rinse

2 avocados, chopped (I just spoon the flesh out into my bowl or container – no need for chopping board)

2 tsp sea salt

2 tbspns raw apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp or more spirulina (did you know per volume, spirulina beats any animal product in B vitamins and protein?)

Mix all together and get ready to feel energized!

I feel better already!

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