Free Humane Educational Materials for Kids

6 Feb

FREE Teach Kind Materials: comic books, kid's magazine, booklets, DVDs and posters


A few days ago, I received my TeachKind materials.  I should have added them to my Top 10 Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Fruits and Veggies but I had forgotten about them as the materials took so long to arrive. provides FREE humane educational materials and policy resources for k-12 and college educators. Their goal is to end violence through humane education and policy initiatives.  Humane Education means: violence prevention, character education, empathy building, youth empowerment and development of critical-thinking skills.

For me, a parent and teacher, it means getting materials that help teach my child how to make better choices to live a greener, kinder lifestyle.


Responses To The Materials

I laughed to myself because my sweet meat-loving husband took one look at the posters and said:

“I hope you don’t plan to put those posters up.”


My son loved the comics.  Upon looking at the posters:

“We’re not nuggets: please don’t eat us!” my son’s eyes widened and said to the chicks:  “I won’t.   I’ll help you!!!”

“Meat’s not Green” my son said with sweet honesty: “Mama, I try.  I really try.  It’s just that meat taste so good!”

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