How To Market Fruits and Veggies to Your Kids: Tip #10

27 Jan

Big bucks are being spent on marketing unhealthy foods directly to children.  What are parents to do?  Learn how and what is being done, find ways to counter the commercials that make kids want to eat unhealthy foods and in the process market fruits and veggies to kids.  We may not have more money than big food corporations, but we have the advantage of time with, love for and commitment to the health of our children.


Tip #10:

Discuss Marketing Tricks

The premise behind this tip is that children will begin to understand how big food companies are manipulating them into buying their products.

The best site I found to help parents empower and educate their children on marketing ploys is called Media Awareness Network based out of Canada.  Here are their links on:

Dealing with Marketing: What Parents Can Do

– they suggest many activities to do with kids to educate them on how marketers target them

– they have handouts and tip sheets for parents, including: Talking To Your Kids About Advertising

Curricula for Teachers on Media Education

– for example, grades K to 3 example lessons include lessons on teaching marketing techniques, Food Guides, advertising and packaging tricks


Another good site is the New American Dream, a US based website:

– they have a FREE brochure on Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture

– and More Tips for Raising Healthy Kids in a Commercial Culture


If you want a short, bullet-point type of article,  6 Tricks Used To Sell Junk Food quickly outlines the important marketing techniques to talk to your children about:

– misleading labels, suggestive science or advertising, enticing prices of food, economics behind marketing to children, manipulative visibility of products and how companies get parents to buy their products


Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has other resources for parents as well


Center for Healthy Communities is a California based group:

their newsletters delve into different health issues but their 2008 Winter Center Scene publication focused on ‘Confronting the crisis of childhood obesity: Advocates Combat Junk Food Marketing to Children’


Other links:

– for kids: PBS Kids’ Don’t Buy It Get Media Smart

– for teenage girls: About Face

– for the family:’s Buy Nothing Day

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