How To Market Fruits and Veggies to Your Kids: Tip #4

18 Jan

Big bucks are being spent on marketing unhealthy foods directly to children.  What are parents to do?  Learn how and what is being done, find ways to counter the commercials that make kids want to eat unhealthy foods and in the process market fruits and veggies to kids.  We may not have more money than big food corporations, but we have the advantage of time with, love for and commitment to the health of our children.

Tip #4:




Our Son's List of Raw Faves (inside pantry door)


The premise behind this tip is that children will associate positive emotions, positive physical attributes and positive social relations with healthy food.


We know that the big companies are showing emotional, social or health benefits for kids who eat their unhealthy products.  They use children’s insecurities in order to entice them to buy their foods with commercials showing:

– someone loves you more by buying ‘x’ for you

– someone is very popular for eating ‘y’, or

– someone is more physically fit for eating ‘z’.


As parents, we can counteract this heavy marketing ploy by using positive imagery in our homes. We can place the following in prominent areas of the kitchen:

1. photos of happy and loving families eating fresh produce together

2. photos of friends enjoying fresh fruit, fresh veggies and green smoothies together

3. photos of physically fit people eating fresh produce

4. a list of child’s fave fruits and vegetables with picture cut-outs of foods

5. photos of fave characters and personalities who love fruits and veggies.


Tip #5: Watch Helpful Shows On Fruits and Veggies

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