Raw Mom Cooked Dad Program (FREE!)

21 Sep
He likes beef.  You like broccoli sprouts.  He likes French fries.  You like Swiss chard.

Sounds familiar?  Polarity can be a beautiful thing, but when it comes to healthy nutrition and feeding our families, then well… improperly said, polarity can wind up being a royal PAIN!!!
There are a lot of women out there, and a few courageous men, trying to increase the percentage of carrot sticks and broccoli stalks in their family’s diet, but they are met with resistance, resentment and flat out protest!!

In the battle against an army of processed “cheese” slices, sandwich meats and soda pops, we need more than will power and nutritional pyramids to win!

We need wit, wisdom and gluten-free waffle mix!

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s never been a better chance at bringing salad-eating mamas and their steak-eating men together to the table for some healthy discussions about food in the family!

Over 40 of the world leaders in health, nutrition and raw food have come together to find solutions to the “Raw Mom, Cooked Dad” dilemma, and you can listen to all of them for fr*ee if you sign up before October 10th, 2010.

Click Here for the Raw Mom, Cooked Dad Program!

I think after this event is over, there will be a lot more BarBQ’s grilling vegetables instead of beef patties out there.

P.S. Most people wait until their loved ones are sick or diagnosed with a terminal disease before they really step up to the challenge of improving their health. With the information in this event, you won’t need to wait to get your family on board the healthy living bandwagon.


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