A 3 year old's take on RAW

2 Jun
 Our son digging into Zucchini Chips today.
Same recipe as my Spinach Chips without the oil.  I prefer the spinach version, but he seems to prefer this.

It was fun to hear a 10 year old talk about eating RAW foods.  I wondered what my 3 year old would say.  Click here to listen!

Mama: How old are you?
Son: 3 1/2.
Mama: And do you like eating raw food?
Son: I like salad.
Mama (I must be dreaming!): How about fruit smoothies?
Son: Yes!  Of course I do… lots of times.
Mama: How about green smoothies? Do you like green smoothies sometimes?
Son: Yes…sometimes, just in all places.
Mama: What’s your favourite breakfast?
Son: You know! You guess it!
Mama: You like fruit?
Son: Yes.
Mama: You liked the raw oatmeal you had this morning?
Son: No I don’t!
Mama:  You don’t?  How about when you have salads with sprouts?
Son: Yeah!  I like lots and lots of salads in different places we go.
Mama: How about when I make you raw chips?  Do you like those?
Son: Some of those are pretty.
Mama: What other raw do you like?
Son: Kind of…
Mama: Do you like raw cookies I make for you?
Son: No!  I just like salad and potatoes.  (We hardly have potatoes, so I think he means sweet potatoes.)
Mama: OK. Thank you so much for talking to me today.
Son: I’ll now talk on a different line.  Thank You!


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