Why I Am All For Changing The Way We Eat

25 May
I love good documentaries, especially the ones about food.  It saves me time and energy on explaining or negotiating with people who just want to eat what they’re used to eating.  My husband and I watched Blue Vinyl a few weeks ago and just recently The Cove, which both gave us both some food for thought.  The best part of it all is I don’t have to be the nag in the house about eating well anymore.  My husband understands that it is best to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, more organic, fruits then vegetables before the main meal…  And because my husband supports me in our efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, our son is learning it naturally and easily. But everyday is a learning process.  The more effort we put into our health and eating habits, the more they will change for the better. 
I hope more people watch Blue Vinyl and The Cove.  Blue Vinyl discusses why our meats, fish and dairy contain dioxins which is a great cancer risk for EVERYONE in the world.  The Cove discusses the issue of killing dolphins, selling the meat as fish, as well as the increasing mercury content in fish EVERYWHERE in the world.  Traditionalists want to eat the foods they are used to, the foods that are comforting, the foods that they grew up with.  Unfortunately, the world is changing.  The hot dog of today is not the same hot dog it was 50 years ago.   In watching The Cove, you’ll understand why the fish we are eating today is not the same fish our parents were eating.  Processed food is full of refined foods our bodies cannot recognise.  Doctors bombard our bodies with toxic filled vaccines that include animal DNA, MSG, aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde, etc.  Organic food is also affected.  And as our NAET doctor always says, “The air we breathe in one day has more toxins than our grandparents would have breathed in their lifetime.”  It is time to CHANGE the way we eat and USE FOOD AS OUR MEDICINE because fresh organic fruits and vegetables have the phytonutrients we need to combat toxicity in our bodies or become victims of disease. 

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