Genetically Modified Ingredients – New Research

22 May
GMO (Genetically Modified) Foods have been so drastically changed from their natural state that the body does not recognize them. Ayurvedically speaking, when foods are unrecognizable, they are viewed in the body as toxins.  Very simplistically, these toxins accumulate in the body, attack weak organs, change the cell structure and thus cause irreversible disease.  Recent research shows that GMO products cause sterility.  In Ayurveda, the health of one’s reproductive system speaks for the health of a person.  If all parts of the body are being fed well and are healthy, then the reproductive system works well.  Apparently, GMO products fail to feed the body well.  GMO products causes sterility, change of color in reproductive organs, 40% more death in babies, slower growth and more.  For more information, take a look at the article: GMO causes devastating offspring defects in new research study in 
These GMO findings remind me of the Pottinger Cat Experiment, which found that processed milk was detrimental to the health of 3rd generation cats.

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