What kind of animal milk should my family be drinking?

27 Apr
After our transition into more raw breakfast foods, I discovered my son and my husband’s love for raw homemade yoghurt.  Today, our NAET doctor brought up Mercola‘s new article on raw milk.  I immediately looked for my newsletter in my inbox as soon as we were home.  
So what is the reportedly best animal milk to drink?  The quick answer: raw, unpasteurized, un-homogenized, organic milk from goat or sheep or from Jersey, Guernsey, Asian and/or African cows.  These animals do not have a mutated amino acid which causes not only more productive phlegm in the body but also potentially: Type 1 diabetes, Neurological impairment, impaired immune function, Autoimmune disease and Heart disease.

Other articles on raw milk:
Mercola – interview with Mark McAfee founder of Organic Pastures

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