Say No to Dinner in a Can

8 Mar
Andy Warhol used themes from popular America in his Pop Art.
As this Cream of Mushroom Soup work of art suggests, dinner from a can is very popular!

I know of family recipes that are based solely on canned soups and vegetables.  And growing up, I remember enjoying Pork and Beans, Corned Beef Hash and Cream of ‘X’ Soup.  Today, I make our family’s food fresh  from scratch.
Healthy Child Healthy World recently cited the top 10 toxic products we don’t need:
1. Air fresheners
2. Drain, oven and toilet bowl cleaners
3. Canned food
4. Pesticides
5. Dry-cleaning
6. Bottled water
7. Rubber duckies
8. Couch cushions
9. Perfume and cologne
10. Oil-based paints and finishes
And yes – canned food is #3 on the list – foods that are acidic and high in fat in particular, contain high levels of BPA which leach from the epoxy lining of the can. 

If you are like me and worry about BPA levels, GREENS could completely block the negative effects of BPA, especially spinach and whole soy products. Our solution = GREEN SMOOTHIES!  We love Green Smoothie Revolution, especially the chapter on Green Smoothies for Kids. Our son’s (and my husband’s) favourite green smoothies are:

1. 1 pineapple + 4 cups spinach
2. 6 pitted dates + 5 cups of lettuce + 2 cups of water 

3. 1 cup strawberries + 2 bananas + 1/2 bunch romaine + 2 cups water

More recipes here.

We will now say NO to anything canned!  (But we still love Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soups!)

One Response to “Say No to Dinner in a Can”

  1. BPA Free Paper Rolls October 21, 2013 at 8:53 am #

    I totally agree with you. I have stopped using as much can product as I can, I check everything now for BPA.

    BEWARE: Not all BPA Free products are safe, for example BPA Free receipt rolls are not all safe, they removed the BPA and added another Bisphenol compound maybe BPS, which defetes the purpose of going BPA Free, you are still getting Bisphenol in to your blood streem.

    We at only sell rolls that are BPA Free – BPS Free – Bisphenol Free – Phenol Free – Phthalates Free – Safe Till Rolls.

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