Really Healthy Juices

24 May
We used to buy a lot of organic bottled juices. But now our fridge is stocked with FRESH organic raw and living juices. Even if I have always been healthy minded and a proponent of Ayurvedic practices, I chose what went on my ‘to-do list’ and I rationalised that buying organic bottled juice was a great time saver for me and still ‘sort-of’ healthy for my family. We realise now that juice from a carton, bottle or can is a BIG STEP down from fresh juice. Not only have they been processed, heated, stored for X amount of days on a shelf in a plastic container… they are poor in vitamin and enzyme content. So we have cleared out some pots and pans in our kitchen and set up our new juicer and smoothie ‘bar’ at home to be able to enjoy our new superfood.

We have heard of the Champion Juicer and the Jack La Lane, but a cousin gave us a Breville 5 years ago which we’ve pulled out of storage, placed on our bar counter and we are enjoying it immensely.

Daddy’s OJ: put 5 apples and 12 peeled oranges in a juicer and enjoy a frothy yummy juice!

Fresh Coconut Milk: open up a young Thai coconut, place coconut water and coconut meat in a blender and puree well. Enjoy alone or with just about anything. The ‘NEW’ Gatorade?

Other Resources:
Green For Life – a book that explains the importance of GREENS in your diet, how eating greens decreases your cravings for junk, how to incorporate and mask them in yummy smoothies, they have recipes on line too
The Best Juicer, Is There One? – a comparison, review, suggestions


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