Healthier Alternatives for Cookie Loving Son

12 May

Raw Cookies? Never even crossed my mind… until my recent raw craze. A week after going raw, I’ve lost 4 pounds without even trying (apparently normal when first following the Raw and Living Foods Diet). The food is great, I feel great, I feel ‘cleaner’, my skin feels fresher… I could go on and on. I would never have considered a raw foods diet* – but since recipe testing for a book on cancer and since talking to our holistic doctor, I gave it a try… and well, it really works! Once more, my hocus pocus preconception has been proven otherwise.

In searching for ways to raid our pantry and fridge off processed foods – and introducing more and more healthy and nutritious alternatives to my family, I have found that our son loves raw cookies. Here we have photos of Strawberry Macaroons (if you don’t have a dehydrator, try baking them in your oven at the lowest setting – turning the heat off and on as needed) and Carob Chip Oatmeal Cookies (we substituted carob chips for chocolate). Thank you again Ani Phyo – I could eat these for breakfast.

Thinking of breakfast… have you thought of eating raw pancakes?? These Banana Coconut Pancakes are so easy and tasty. Mash 1 banana. Mix with 2 tbsp coconut meal and a little cinnamon. Roll into balls and flatten on more grated coconut. Serve with maple syrup. These pancakes remind me of the Filipino Merienda Palitaw… without the hassle of cooking.

I also found our son will eat fresh coconut meat any time of day. The benefits of coconut are tremendous and I’m so happy our son loves it!

Update – while I’ve been 100% raw, son and hubby are about 50% raw…

More Raw Food Inspirations:
Alissa Cohen – just read her book last night… wow!
Matthew Kenney – for raw food gourmet

*In Ayurveda, a raw foods diet is not suited for everyone. It is great in the summer for Pitta types. It is not recommended for prolonged maintenance for health. I’ll have to really think about this one as I become more and more pro-raw:
1. Why are raw and living foods recommended by Ayurveda practitioners for those with cancer? Cancer patients have weaker systems, yet they are told to eat foods full of living enzymes. Why shouldn’t normal people follow the same diet in order for disease NOT to form in their bodies?
2. Ayurveda is 5,000 years old – but isn’t eating RAW the oldest diet there is?

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